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Project Description

Event flyers and logo/branding for The Last Outpost monthly music festival at Carlisle Canyon, California

Project Summary

Work on this project included the initial logo design, design of multiple flyers and printing of the flyers for distribution via the web, physical handouts, phone and e-mail.

The Backstory

This is definitely on of my favorite projects of all time, not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the amazing people I got to work with, and the gratitude they extended me for my work.  When I was first approached to help them, they had no branding and no real idea of what they wanted to do (they actually didn’t even know what their first monthly music festival was going to look like).  To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what direction to go in either, until I actually visited the site nestled in the heart of the Santa Monica mountains in Southern California.  I was immediately struck and inspired by the woods, the running creek, and majestic mountains and trails tucked into the landscape, not to mention an amazing grotto at the back of the property that you could only find if you knew where to look.  Lynne Castillo, the owner of the property and the festival manager, showed me her favorite oak tree on the property basked in the moonlight, and it was then that I was suddenly struck with the branding.  Everything after that was easy.  I made alot of great friends that I’m still close with to this day, and am really grateful for the experience of having created something that they loved.

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