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Project Description

A business and social networking website with video, blogging/vlogging, advertising, social sharing, and business categorization


Originally built with Classic ASP and Microsoft SQL server on the backend with HTML/Javascript/jQuery on the front end, has since been updated to migrate towards PHP/MySQL database as a backend.


The Backstory

David Waller, the owner of Storeboard.com and I, go way back… and it was both a very successful and very contentious relationship, but we remain friends to this day.  David contacted me back in 2010 with his concept of putting together a social networking website for local businesses which would include a vast array of features, including business listings, blogs, images / video sharing, advertising, social media sharing and e-commerce.  David and I worked together for over a year getting the first version of this up and running, and it was both a daunting coding challenge as well as a creative challenge.  Literally, David and I were working 10-hours a day for months on this and I have to say I admire his tenacity.

Now… if you’re paying attention, then you probably are noticing that Storeboard doesn’t look alot like the rest of my work.  Well, there’s a reason for that.  David had a vision in his head of what he wanted and how he wanted it to look right from the get-go.  In fact, he’d already had another graphic designer do all the mockups for it, so pretty much the vast majority of my work was coding as opposed to design (which I did from time to time when adding new features).  I think that aesthetics was the one thing that David and I differed on quite a deal, but I have to respect his vision and I made sure he got what we wanted.  Honestly, I was never a big fan of that color scheme, but lots of people like it, and David loves it, so at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

After months and months of hard development, we finally settled on a version 1, and while I ended up moving on to a 9-to-5 gig, Storeboard kept on plugging, and they have since added a bunch of features that David scoped out in the beginning.  I’m really proud to have been part of this project and David and I remain really good friends to this day.

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