• crunchies_full

Project Description

Product and company informational website with e-commerce


Wordpress site using Paypal as the payment gateway, full e-commerce shopping experience with cart, shipping, order and inventory management.


The Backstory

Crunchie’s Food is this great little company that makes tasty freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks based out of Westlake Village, California.  When I first arrived on the scene and talked to the staff of the company, they were nice enough to provide me with a whole bunch of samples and it didn’t take me long to find my inspiration.  Their existing website was 100% home grown and a bit of  hot mess, so all they needed was a website that was worthy of their awesome product.

I set out to redesign their site using a WordPress theme (which back then, wasn’t nearly as robust as it is now) and implementing Paypal express and credit card payments.  I included a categorical shopping experience with complete cart and shipping options, as well as a special pricing model for distributors.  On the homepage, a nice carousel was added to immediately grab the attention of the user, with administration of the site, the carousel, orders, products, inventory and shipping on the backend.

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