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Project Description

Coupon lookup and bookmarking database website with newsletter, account management and full-site administration


Classic ASP with SQL Server 7.0 database

Yes, Page Builder Works Here Too!

Well… I make a point of trying to never say anything bad about my clients, regardless of how I might feel, but I could tell this project was doomed to failure from the beginning.  Not from a technical or design aspect, mind you – the site concept was pretty straight-forward.  The idea was that the user could come onto the site, look up coupons for various products or services, bookmark and/or use coupons that they found for discounts on whatever they purchased online.  Meanwhile, the site owners would receive a commission off of each purchase to which a coupon was applied.  So, basically it was a souped-up affiliate system website with administration and user management on the backend.  Even though it was built in Classic ASP at the time (which, back in those days you didn’t have an “out of the box” admin system – you had to build one) it was for that time pretty straightforward.  The logo design and UI for this one was fairly straight-forward as well.

What happened as the project progressed, was that I found myself in the middle of two competing visions over almost everything – color, layout, even the logo took more time than it should have, as the “brothers” both apparently had different ideas about how things should look and work.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to build something and finding myself more often than not playing referee rather than developer.  Scope creep on this one was rampant, and when I was able to finally sign off on it, I was very relieved to be done.

The site itself, I thought, turned out pretty well, and thought would make a great addition to my portfolio.  Sadly, less than six months after they launched, the site – and the company – mysteriously (or maybe not so mysteriously) disappeared.  So, I’ve got the only surviving screenshot that I know of and not much else to show for all my hard work.  It happens….

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