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Project Description

Video content delivery and blogging site for the Lifetime series American Beauty Star, hosted by Adriana Lima


React / React Redux front end with content managed and delivered through a WordPress admin system using a WordPress API plugin for delivery of content, with video management being handled through the the dotStudioPro dashboard.


The Backstory

This was definitely one of the most exciting and one of the most challenging projects I’ve had to work on in a long time, not only because of the architecture and technical challenges, but also because of, shall we say, varying opinions as to design of the project.  My role for this project was not only UI/UX design but development as well, so I got alot of React experience while putting this together.

When tasked to put this together, we went through a number of variations the layout, and unfortunately there were those on the client-side of the equation who had little technical and artistic capabilities driving the look and feel.  There were times when I literally was on the verge of a nervous breakdown seeing the mockups that were delivered to me by the people who would be ultimately managing the site, and I really had to fight to maintain some type of creative cohesion and uniformity.  However, once certain people who were initially trying to drive the creative aspect of the site in what the entire team knew to be the wrong direction stepped aside and let us do what we do best, the site came together beautifully.

One of the features that I’m most proud of is on the Show Page of this site.  At the top is a display of all the contestants, hosts, judges with tooltip mouseovers and clickable images.  The challenge was to make this functionality easily editable through the WordPress admin, which resulted in a very nice UI that allowed the admin user to easily place a contestant image on the “stage”, enter their mouseover text and scale/position each of the players on the stage through a single simple UI.  For a week’s worth of development, I thought it turned out really great.

This site was a great example of mating a React front-end architecture to a WordPress content API, with the video management handled through the dotStudio dashboard – something that none of us had ever done before.  When we finished the site, it really looked great, worked well and was easy to manage and maintain through the WordPress backend.  Not sure I’d do it that way again, but it was an exciting project and we were all thrilled with the result.


I’m available for consultation, direct assistance and work generally between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00pm CST. However, I know that not everybody keeps the same schedule and yours may not be as flexible, so I’m always willing to make arrangements to accommodate times that work for you.








I get back faster thru e-mail! If you’d like, feel free to send me a quick message using the contact form below, and I will reply back ASAP.

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