Hi, my name is Scotty, thanks for taking a moment to view my page and for your interest in me and my work.  As I mentioned, I’ve been a career web and graphics designer for about 20 years, and after all that time, I still love what I do, which is quite amazing to me.  But, it’s been a long, crazy road…

When I first started tinkering around with the internet, web pages were little more than a fad, JavaScript didn’t exist, BBS’s were how we all collaborated and AOL was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  So basically, I’ve been doing this since about the Paleolithic Era of the Internet.  I had no idea that it would turn into a career, but the more I started playing with the web pages, the more intriguing it became, especially when the technology started to improve.

My first industry job was for a company called Wallstreet City out of Houston, Texas – one of the earliest trading and business websites there were.  I needed a job after college, and I’d been playing around with HTML and a little graphic design for a couple of months, answered a job ad and pretty much was hired on the spot.  That was my first foray as a web designer, and back then I was purely a backend developer working with PERL CGI, HTML and some pretty basic client-side JavaScript.

Later as my career progressed, I started to gravitate away from purely being a  backend coder and discovered that there was alot more to me than I knew with respect to being creative.  Out of necessity, I started doing more front-end and graphics design, developing an eye for layout, design, user interaction, colors and balance.  I found that I enjoyed this aspect of being a web designer to be immensely satisfying.  I loved seeing my work coming to fruition from a visual aspect, as opposed to merely the pure coding and database administration I had been doing for awhile (which I still loved, but this was alot more fun).  So as time when on… my skill set evolved more towards being a front-end developer.

Interestingly enough, being a programmer – ASP, SQL, PERL/CGI, ASP.NET, COM/DCOM – actually helped me become a better designer down the road in ways I wouldn’t understand until later.  As a programmer, you understand organization, the relationships between web and data, and how things should interact from a coding perspective.  I learned to use these skills that I’d been using for years to leverage them as a designer, understanding from both a programmer’s and a user’s perspective user interface and user experience.  As it stands, I’ve turned into a bit of a hybrid designer and developer – what some might call a “full-stack” developer, but I really don’t like to think of it as that.  I think of it more these days as a designer with good coding skills and a solid understanding of programming paradigms, rather than a programmer that can design  too…

Even though I started to gravitate more towards front-end development and design around 2009-ish or so, I found that in all actuality, I couldn’t be an effective designer without being an effective developer.  Since alot of what I do is with WordPress (and I’ve used some other similar frameworks), I found myself doing alot of PHP, custom plugin development, etc.  When working for AGFA Graphics in Newbury Park, CA, I again found myself learning a new language – this time Python and Django – to do my job.  More recently, I’ve worked with React/Redux to build a few very nice public-facing sites.  I guess the point here, if there is one, is that my entire career has been and continues to be one long ongoing learning curve that never stops, so I’ve gotten good at learning new things.  In this industry, if you can’t keep up with the new technology (which is constantly changing) you get left by the side of the road…

My career has spanned the gamut of different projects – working for myself (and at one time a particularly unscrupulous business partner, but that’s a different story), I’ve done alot of small “mom-and-pop” websites and a few large-scale e-commerce websites.  I’ve spent some time in the corporate world, and while I enjoy the security of a job like that, I often find myself building things that I can’t even show the general public, so as a result my public-facing portfolio tends to suffer.  That is why I’m again excited to be working as a freelance contractor.  While I enjoyed those projects from a technical level (I do enjoy technical challenges) front-end design is still what I enjoy doing most of all.  Guess there’s a certain instant gratification to it.

Today, I’m not at all adverse to working as a contractor on some project, but I am taking some time to enjoy being a freelancer, putting together great websites for great clients and hopefully helping people along the way.  When I’m not at my desk, I’m playing guitar (badly), hanging out with my friends, doing anything mechanical, riding my motorcycle when I have one, walking on the beach and being very grateful for the wonderful life I have an the many wonderful people I meet all the time.


I’m available for consultation, direct assistance and work generally between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00pm CST. However, I know that not everybody keeps the same schedule and yours may not be as flexible, so I’m always willing to make arrangements to accommodate times that work for you.








I get back faster thru e-mail! If you’d like, feel free to send me a quick message using the contact form below, and I will reply back ASAP.

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